Automatic Smiles
Name Automatic Smiles
Origin Gdynia, Poland
Genres teen pop, r&b, teen pop, dance pop, europop, rock, balladrock,
Years active 2015 -
Lables PAP
Members Piotr Łaszewski

Paweł Łaszewski

Alex Cynkowski

Automatic Smiles are an Polish pop band, which consists of Peter and Paul Łaszewscy and Alex Cynkowski. The group was formed in the summer, in August 2015. The initiator of the creation of the group was Peter who wanted to improve pre-recorded by him and his brother's songs, even as a duo Peter & Paul. For a long time the brothers thought of giving up the creation of works by beatbox. Therefore, Peter suddenly announced to Paul that they should start preparing instrumentals. Peter took care of making instrumental to the first song, "Beauty Of Nature," and Paul began assembling the next instrumental. Unfortunately, the 22nd of August this year, when Peter had finished their first instrumental, there has been an unfortunate unfortunate event. Laptop, on which he worked, suddenly shut down, which could no longer recover a project that includes background music. For this reason, almost no reference to create the team. Fortunately, the same day Peter and Paul decided to re-do instrumentals, each on his laptop. It happened that the brothers a month ago got a new laptop and it is on them began to create songs. The first single "Beauty Of Nature" managed to be released at the end of the year, December 30. The video for the song was recorded throughout December. In contrast, the group is currently working on the album "Three," where the song will be most likely in the first place. At the end of February 2016, the group released a second single called "Tell Do You Still Love Me". However, so far the song has not brought a group of high popularity.

Discography Edit