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It's Not Me, It's You

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"Not Fair" is the second single from Lily Allen's second studio album It's Not Me, It's You.


Oh, he treats me with respect,
He says he loves me all the time,
He calls me 15 times a day,
He likes to make sure that im fine,
You know I've never met a man,
Whose made me feel quite so secure,
He's not like all them other boys,
They're all so dumb and immature.

There's just one thing,
That's getting in the way,
When we go up to bed your just no good,
its such a shame!
I look into your eyes,
I want to get to know you,
And then you make this noise,
apparently its all over

Its not fair,
And i think your really mean,
I think your really mean,
I think your really mean.

Oh your supposed to care,
But you never make me scream,
You never make me scream,

Oh it's not fair,
And it's really not ok,
It's really not ok,
It's really not ok,

Oh your supposed to care,
But all you do is take,
Yeah, all you do is take.



Allen in the 1970s inspired video.

The music video for "Not Fair" was directed by Melina Matsoukas and filmed in Los Angeles on 19 February 2009. Allen released pictures from the video on her official Twitter account. A 17-second teaser of the video was released on YouTube on 17 March, before T4 premiered the entire video on Saturday, 21 March. As of January 2011 it has garnered over 16 million views on YouTube. The music video shows Allen performing the song on the Porter Wagoner Show, starting off with a snippet from the Porter Wagoner show from the 1970s to present Lily Allen (dubbed) by saying, "Now it's time for the purty little lady to come forth with a real purty song. And it's called "Not Fair". Let's make her welcome, Miss Lily Allen!" Allen is revealed to be singing alongside a bored-looking country and western band, including mullet-wearing guitarists and backing singers/dancers. Allen performs the song into a microphone and can be seen dancing around the stage, dressed in a white jumpsuit and sporting a blunt fringe with long hair. The video was recorded on videotape to keep with the theme of the video, as opposed to being filmed like most other music videos made in the 21st century.

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